Tune of the Week // Joshua Luke Smith // Jack of Spades

There are some times when you meet people, they just give off a vibe, there’s something special about them.

Before this week, I had never heard of Joshua Luke Smith. My day job is working in a media company and part of my job is to record the audio for videos for our Unsigned show which is broadcast on our two radio stations.

So, on Thursday, there was a tube strike in London, we weren’t sure if the recording would go ahead. Joshua arrived and did an interview for the show, then myself and Adam, who was doing the cameras, went to our little studio to record everything.

We set up and Joshua is going to perform a solo unaccompanied version of his song ‘Carry Me’ taken from his new EP, ‘Your Beauty’. I get a vocal level and Adam has the cameras set up. We go for a take and Joshua nails in in one take. It literally takes less than five minutes and he spits words and rhymes so easily, it’s like something illegal.

I go back to my desk and check out Joshua’s EP. I see the Jack Green directed video for Jack of Spades, the production, the delivery, the words, come together for something magical.

Joshua Luke Smith is an artist to make you sit up and take notice. Now, I stumbled across him unexpectedly and he made me take notice, I’ll pass it on. If you like what you hear, pass it on. He needs to be heard.

You can get Jack of Spades as a free download from the No More Orphan website, which Joshua is affiliated with.

Your Beauty is out now, you can listen on Spotify.


You can check out the video we made at work for ‘Carry Me’ here.

Pic of Joshua from his Facebook page.