Tune of the Week // Hare Squead // If I Ask

Who ever would have thunk that Dublin could sound this awesome? Hip, fresh and funky as hell.

Hare Squead are hail from Dublin, are signed to Columbia Records, and according to their press blurb, ‘Their shared central African heritage combined with a mutual love for skating, music and chicken fillet rolls has cemented them as firm friends and an inseparable unit.’

I don’t eat meat but anyone who manages to get chicken fillet rolls into their press release deserves utmost respect. How Irish can you get?

There’s no denying that being based in another country hinders the amount of new Irish music that I get to hear. I’m so glad, I got to hear this. Simply pumping and insanely catchy.. press repeat.

Tony Konstone, Jessy Rose and E-Knock, bravo gentlemen, bravo!

Photo from here