Tune of the Week // George Michael featuring Nile Rodgers – Fantasy

George Michael - Nile Rodgers - Fantasy

George Michael - Nile Rodgers - Fantasy

Tune of the Week // George Michael featuring Nile Rodgers – Fantasy

For at least thirty three years, I have waited eagerly for each new George Michael release. This one was no different. I had my headphones in on my morning commute, listening to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, paying homage to George.

This time, though, there was no George to tweet, to ask what we all thought. Even after eight and a bit months, the sense of loss that George isn’t with us, hasn’t subsided. So hearing Nile Rodgers’ remix of Fantasy definitely left me with mixed emotions on first listen.

Nile Rodgers had definitely added the funk, dropping the brass section from George’s versions of the track. But on multiple listens to the track, it becomes apparent that in this remix, Nile Rodgers had turned Fantasy into the ultimate tribute to George Michael.

The introduction to Fantasy is reminiscent in its structure to the intro of Star People 97. As the first line of George’s vocals kick in, the added Nile Rodgers guitar uses the rhythmic guitar strum from ‘Faith’ but with the chord progression from ‘Freedom 90’

George Michael - photo by Caroline True

George Michael’s Fantasy – The Best Version

Fantasy has always been a difficult song to get behind, it lacks a traditional soaring chorus but Nile Rodgers has turned it into a seriously danceable track, complete with hand claps. The toppy horns from the late 80s / early 90s have been replaced by funky guitar and bass lines making this the best version of this track.

Listen Without Prejudice

Fantasy was originally a B Side on Waiting for That Day in the UK and Freedom 90 in other territories, both singles taken from Listen Without Prejudice. A remixed Fantasy 98 was a B Side on Outside. The 1990 version appears on George’s album Ladies and Gentlemen.

Nile Rodgers was working on the remix of Fantasy for the release of the remastered Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 / MTV Unplugged which will be released in October. George never got to hear the finished remix.

What a fantastic musical and philanthropic legacy he has left us. It’s wonderful that his music lives on, it warms my heart. Then, I remember and it breaks again. My hero.

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Listen to Fantasy

Photo of George from Facebook by Caroline True