Tune of the Week // Fejká feat. Hildur – Twilight

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Fejka - tune of the week - nessymon

Every now and again, you click play and magic happens. It just so happened that I was skimming through some emails and this was buried within them. It was love at first listen.

Tune of the Week – Fejká featuring Hildur – Twilight

From the opening second of Twilight, you get the feeling that this track is something special. Understated, dreamlike, delicate and ethereal, the beat slowly builds and takes you to a happy space. This is a track to get lost in, a track to lose yourself, or even find yourself.

Fejká is a 21 year old producer who is studying audiovisual media in university. Twilight is the title track from his debut EP and has been released on Christian Löffler’s Ki record label.

Knowing that this is a debut release, makes it all the more special. This is a first step for Fejká, an exciting first step. Remember where you heard his name first.

You can follow Fejká on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Listen to Twilight

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Photo from here: by Tobi Siebrecht.