DANSU - Lost in the City - nessymon

Tune of the week // Dansu – Lost in The City | ダンス – 大都会の迷子

DANSU - Lost in the City - nessymon

Tune of the week // Dansu – Lost in The City

I get a lot of emails. So many, I don’t get go through them all. I wish I had the time. But this morning, I had a spare few minutes and starting going through the current 11,137 mails in my inbox. One of them told me about this track, ‘Lost in the City’.

Dansu are a band based in Amsterdam and they’ve just released “Lost in the City’. It’s the follow up to ‘Do Do Do’, which charted in Israel without any promotion there.

I love the video, it perfectly matches the electro pop sensibilities of the track. It’s beautifully shot and I love the Japanese subtitles (Do Do Do had English subtitles), I love how the band also have used Japanese in the title of the track on YouTube.

Although I have some Japanese words tattooed on my right arm, I don’t speak the language. If you use google translate for ダンス – 大都会の迷子 the English translation is ‘Dance – Big City Lost Child’ which is pretty close and fits beautifully with the storyline of the video. The Japanese influence continues with a stringed instrument sound on the track’s chorus.

I’m seriously liking this track, since I heard it, I’ve played the video about ten times. I’m happy that this will be my earworm for days to come. I’m glad I checked my emails. Great track, totally deserves a Tune of the Week title.

You can find out more about the band on Facebook, Twitter and on their website.