Cloud Control - 2017

Tune of the Week // Cloud Control – Rainbow City

Cloud Control - 2017

My love affair with Cloud Control began back in 2011 when I saw them open for The Naked and Famous in The Button Factory in Dublin. I saw them again about two weeks later and then interviewed lead singer, Alistair Wright. Their debut album ‘Bliss Release’ became the soundtrack to my year.

Since then, the band released their second album ‘Dream Cave’ and also spent some time in the UK but it seemed like their light was fading.

But now they’re back, original member, Jeremy, has parted ways with the band, who are now continuing as a trio. And Alistair has cut his hair. Cloud Control have always felt like what 1967 would be like if it happened now. Maybe it’s just a hair cut but along with baring his physique in the video, it seems like this could be where CC cast the shackles of the past away and look forward to the future. The vocal delivery is raw and honest and in particular of the line ‘How Will I Carry On?’ echoes that is it a pivotful time in the life of Cloud Control.

I’m looking forward to the album, a worthy Tune of the week.

You can find out more on Facebook, Twitter and their website.