Tune of the Week // Boxed In – Mystery

BoxedInI love how music connects us to people, places and events. Here’s the story of how Boxed In became Tune of the Week.

I was at home in Co.Meath in Ireland last weekend. It was a short visit but it was a great one. I met lots of people I didn’t see at Christmas, managed to shave 75% of my head again and caught up with family, so it was all good.

I was flying back to London on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday morning, the little guy, he’s about 10, Oran, who lives across the road from my Mam and Dad, came over to visit me before I left. He comes to visit my folks probably ten times a day and is part of the furniture there. Me and my two sisters, who happened to be at home, were in the living room chatting following some toast and tea. I decided I needed to go have a shower and put Boxed In on Spotify to bring to the shower and listen while I showered.

Oran, however, couldn’t understand why I wanted this dancey music on, so I told him that I felt stiff, especially as I had been sleeping in my the spare bed in my sister’s room and because I felt stiff I had to do this dance every morning. So I proceed to shake rattle and roll everything I could and also try and convince him that my Mam also had this morning ritual. He wouldn’t believe me as he said he never saw my Mum do it. After much persuasion, I think he either a) believe me or b) think I’m nuts. Either way, it was a lot of fun.

So why Boxed In, I had listened to the album a couple of time, and had it on the flight on the way home and I have to say I’m loving Oli Bayston’s sound, it’s right up my street!

Catch Boxed In on tour
02/10 Brighton, UK @ Sticky Mikes
02/11 Bristol, UK @ Start The Bus
02/12 London, UK @ Electrowerkz SOLD OUT
02/13 Manchester, UK @ Deaf Institute
02/14 Sheffield, UK @ Rocking Chair
02/15 Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast

Boxed in photo from here