Tune of the Week 29/09/2013: Hozier – Take Me To Church


I was lucky enough to hear this song before it was released and from the first piano note and Andrew’s first sung word, I just knew this was such a special song. Take Me To Church is the title track from Hozier’s EP and I was lucky enough to speak to Andrew on one of the last Culture Cafes.

Why did I choose it to be this week’s Tune of the Week? The video for the track was unveiled this week and already has clocked up a massive 165000 views. It was directed by the guys at feelgoodlost.me. The video deals with persecution of LGBT people, no doubt fueled by the messed up reality they have in Russia. There are still a massive amount of countries where there are anti-homosexuality laws. I’m lucky to be living in the UK and from Ireland.

Hat’s off to Hozier, fantastic song, fantastic job and you can download the EP for free from the widget below. Take me to Church is a deserves more accolades then a mere Tune of the Week status from my little blog. Tell your friends about it.

Download the EP for free from Bandcamp: