Tune of The Week 27/01/2010: Chase and Status feat Liam Bailey – Blind Faith

Funny the way sometimes how something reminds you of something else. On Twitter this week, I was chatting to Betty Boo about the time I saw her in The Point in Dublin with Rebel MC, Candy Flip, Adamski and Jocelyn Brown. The night was billed as Ireland’s First Legal House Party. It started at about 8 and went on til 5 am, well that’s when I left.

This Chase and Status track samples Jocelyn Brown, (yes it was sampled by Black Box on Ride On Time). It features an amazing video which really does sum up the time. I’ve included the censored version so you can look at work, if you want the uncensored version you can find it here. This week’s Tune of the Week is Chase and Status featuring Liam Bailey with Blind Faith.

Before anyone says anything, I have never taken drugs and I’m not promoting drug use.