Tune of The Week: 21/01/2010


This has been growing and growing on me for a while. These guys make some amazing videos, I’d show you the full version of this but the record compnies don’t want it embedded for some reason so here’s a shorter version.

With actor Jared Leto as a front man, most cynics were thinking this was going to be another Dogstar, but no, the actor who has been in such classics as Fight Club and Girl Interupted, I think has more than proved himself to be more than a half decent musician.

A Dublin date is on the cards too, the band will be here on February 26th in the 02, I’d love to see them but i’m broke so if anyone would like to give me tickets I’ll write about it all here and feature them on DCUfm… get in touch!

So this week’s Tune Of The Week is 30 Seconds to Mars, Kings and Queens

30 Seconds To Mars on MySpace