Tune of the Week: Wallis Bird – Hardly Hardly

From the very first note of this track, I completely fell in love with it, at the time of writing it has gone from having 13000 views on YouTube to about 23000. I’m probably responsible for those, it’s awesome.

The overall production on the track is just immense, the vocals are, in parts delicate, but balanced beautifully when Wallis lets rip. It track also boasts an amazingly dance-able rhythm and a bass line that makes you think its gone wonky occasionally. Superb. This is my favourite track of 2014 so far. I was trying to figure out how I would describe all this. If I was a proper musician, I’d want to sound like Wallis Bird.

The new album from Wallis ‘Architect’ is out in April, I’ve pre-ordered the double vinyl. Go on, preorder too.. you deserve it