Tune of the Week 08/06/2012: A Dark Horse

Over the past few days I have been looking at songs to include in my Definitive Football Collection blog post and this video was sent in my direction. While A Dark Horse‘s ‘Take Me Home’ isn’t a football song, the delicate haunting instrumentation and voices have combined with the Aoife Kelleher directed video to produce something quite special.

This is how many of us old enough to remember Euro 88 and Italia 90 remember them. For those of us a little older, this is what I remember Espana 82 and Mexico 86 like, me always a tomboy, together with my brothers and all our friends riding bikes, making goalposts with jumpers and building camps and staying in them until it was nearly morning. This is quite simply a stunning piece of work.

A Dark Horse features Hugh Rodgers and James Parker, with a little help from their friends Luke Slott, Vivienne Long, Adrian Mullan and Niall Woods. Their Debut EP is out in July 2012.