Tune of The Week: 04/09/09


Sorry for confusing our US readers.. thats the way we write the date on this side of the Atlantic.

Only one song could be Tune of the Week – He’s Back.. ! I’ve seen Robbie Williams Live 3 times and he is a complete showman and entertainer.

Taken from his new album ‘Reality Killed the Video Star’, ‘Bodies’, got its first airplays here in Ireland this morning. It’s an uptempo track with Robbie adding his usual religious lyrical twists.

Robbie’s back on form…I think it will be interesting to see what happens with Robbie’s coverage in the media over the next week or two seeing as the track got its first airing over a month before its officially released, is it the Record company trying to really go overboard in making sure Robbie’s comeback is a success.

No doubt, things have changed while he was off looking for aliens, even Take That are back and one of the biggest bands on our isles. We will know shortly if people have had enough or if we want to relive the turn of the century, as regards Robbie’s popularity.

This weeks Tune of the Week is Robbie Williams and ‘Bodies’.

Have a listen:

Don’t forget to check out Robbies website: www.robbiewilliams.com