Tron Legacy: Preview Review

On Thursday morning I was one of the lucky one to see 23 minute preview of Tron Legacy which is due for theatre release in December.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Tron Legacy is the sequel to the 1982 movie Tron. The 23 minutes of what I saw contained a selection of scenes from the first half of the movie, which gave a rough idea of the script. We were told by the Walt Disney rep that it wasn’t the final audio mix and that Daft Punk were supplying the soundtrack.

Visually, Tron Legacy looks stunning. The 3D technology makes what I saw completely amazing. The colours are so vivid and electrifying. It’s only a matter of time before there is a game based on all this and perhaps something featuring the suits worn by the characters. Extremely visually striking. The trailers currently on the net don’t come close to being able to compliment the movie.

Can’t wait to see the full thing.