TransAutoRadio: 3 Review

This CD and press release grabbed by attention because it said this was a ‘Triple A side’ release, so its a triangle?

After a couple of listens to TransAutoRadio I would say this isn’t a Triple A single release but more of an album sampler. The tracks included on the disc are all in around the five minute mark so a radio single release with be a bit hard, due to their length. But that mightn’t be what the band are going for.

The band use a variety of instruments, electronic, wind, string and synths throughout the tracks and possess an early 70’s experimental feel. After listening to ‘Waving Nor Drowning’, something tells me they may like Pink Floyd.

‘Drowning’ is a midtempo track with haunting ‘Ahs’ but lets clarinet take centre stage. Vocals don’t come until 4 minutes into the track, then it’s one line repeated a couple of times. ‘Let It Hang’ features a Peter Finch speech from the film Network, hope the rights are sorted on that guys.

The music is well recorded and the individual instruments on each track have really good arrangements. It makes more sense that this would be a sampler, the tracks seem a little disjointed sitting together on this CD but I can see them working on an album where there is time to build and drop momentum. Or this could be a band that comes into its own live. Time will tell.

3 will be launched in Crawdaddy on March 12th with a free download then available from TransAutoRadio

3 by TransAutoRadio