Top Cat: Movie Review

Top Cat The MovieRemember when you were a kid, schemer, Top Cat and this bunch of buddies lived in a backstreet alley where all they wanted to do was get the better of Officer Dibble? Well, they still do. The cartoon from the 70’s has been given the full length movie treatment. What’s interesting about this is that this English version dubbed from the Mexican/Argentinean original. Officer Dibble is still trying to get to be Inspector but is overlooked for another badass who Top Cat tries to out manoeuver.

The animation is this quite interesting, the traditional 2D cartoon characters we know and love remain 2D but are in in a 3D environment, which works well and looks great, I just don’t know why the Cats now have mobile phones? My cat doesn’t have one. The animation keeps you interested for a few minutes but after that, well, this is one the kids will want to see on DVD during the Summer holidays.