Time Please Gentlemen


Or it could be ladies either.

This is something that has been bugging me slightly for a while. Why oh why do bands play on so late in certain venues.

Last buses in Dublin are at 2330, though some leave the city centre slightly earlier. At the weekend, you’ve got the infamous nightlink (bus) if you fancy having a dance with danger.

For me, from the city centre, its either €1.60 or €1.80 home, which is fine. The nightlink is either €4 or €5. I’m not sure. Why do I not know? There isn’t a nightlink route near where I live. So if I miss the last bus it can cost anything between €15 – €20 to get a taxi home, depending on the part of the city I’m in.

Most venues and bands have copped on that people need to get home. However there is one venue that every time I go there, I end up having to leave before the band finishes their set. One venue, why? Everyone else can do it.

Any band who open the doors to the event at 19.30 and don’t arrive onstage until after 22.15 need to rethink how they are running their nights. Whether it’s being better prepared themselves, beforehand or choosing their opening act more carefully.

I know I’m not the only one this effects. Recently I bumped into some people at a gig in Dublin city centre. I left at 23.05 to get the last bus home. To my surprise, I also met these people on the last bus home, they too had the same reason.

This is the end of the rant. Bands and Venues, If people are paying into an event, please let them see all of what they have paid good money for.