Things I Dislike Greatly*

This post has been brewing for a while. I try to be tolerant of everyone and everything but sometimes things annoy me. People, technology and the weather are normally the things to get up my goat. And time wasting. I always seem to have something to do and when something happens to invade on the schedule I’ve made in my head, it pisses me off.

For example last week, while I was in the middle of an assignment a guy I know had to drop something to me for work. Everything had been decided beforehand, he dropped in a package and three hours later I was still trying to tell him it was ok, to go home and please don’t smoke in the house… I don’t think I’m that unreasonable but somethings just don’t make sense to me and irritate the crap out of me so I’ve decided to make a list..


Harvard Referencing:

I do understand that if you are writing a college essay or making a professional or academic point, you should be able to back up your work with references to other peoples work or opinions. Does it have to take hours to do it though? Books, authors, authors cited in other books, I know it can get confusing but what I really find a pain about Harvard Referencing is when it comes to referencing websites. Why can’t I just put a link.. if its online and it starts http:// that means its a web address why do I have to put [Internet]. Is this not just common sense? The time it takes is a pain.. GGRR!


Final Cut Rendering Times:

Oh Dear Steve Jobs, you with your shiny IPads, IPhones and everything else.. sometimes Iwonder ! (sorry) Halfway through college now and we’ve been using both Macs and PCs. I’ve always used both but it just occurred to me the only reason we actually need Macs is to use the Apple made Final Cut programme.  I know more people are now using Final Cut than Avid but you can use Avid on PC and Mac. Apple probably won’t change that, a lot of video people buy their hardware just to use Final Cut but my BIG issue with the whole thing is Rendering Time.. It is ridiculous! If that’s how long it takes to do something, speed up your processors or inject some fairy dust into it. The most annoying thing about the whole process is you can’t use your computer when its rendering. So if a project is rendering for 3 hours you have to sit there and you can’t do anything.. Downtime = bad time



Don’t start, I hate Turnips! I’ve tried so many times to embrace the turnip, I even tried again yesterday but they are not for me. In the supermarket I have often thought that although they might be a bit hard on your toe, they’d be better used as footballs or even better for bowling. Then comes the cooking bit. As a kid I remember my mum asking me to check the potatoes and the turnips, turnips always took ages to cook. Then the bit I really hating ‘I don’t want turnips’, ‘ You have to eat your turnips’, ‘I don’t like turnips’. After quite a while I persuaded my Mum that I was actually telling the truth. I can still remember with dread the days my mum would cook turnips incase she accidently put turnips on my plate. It would tarnish the rest of my dinner with its repugnant taste and smell. I can still taste it as i think about it.. Yuck! I did try it again yesterday. We went out to the local pub for dinner and turnip and carrots were served with the Sunday Roast. Tried a bit…yuckyyuckyuckyyucky.. Maeve took them all off my plate.. I maybe a big kid but YUCK!


New Moon:

Yes, the Vampire flick, I’ve been watching a hell of a lot of movies lately, trying to catch up on what I’ve missed last Summer and making sure I know what’s going on now. For Christmas I got an Amazon voucher, after buying all my ‘essentials’ I had a fiver left so I got the Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. Maeve read it while she was off and said she was itching to see New Moon after it. We had seen the First Twilight Movie and, I quite impressed, the story moved nicely, gorgeous grading, wasn’t boring. Everything New Moon isn’t.. Directed by Chris Weitz, it, unfortunately, is the worst film I have seen in a looong time. I had heard it described as ‘Dawson’s Creek with Fangs’, I actually enjoyed Dawson’s Creek.. this was just pure bad, I’m not surprised poor Edward Cullen wanted to sacrifice himself and end both his and our suffering. The story didn’t move, it was soo slow, just pure boring. The only good thing was Anna Kendrick managed to get out to start in ‘Up In The Air’ with George Clooney.

I’m sure at some stage in the future there will be a part 2, 3 or more but for now I’m at peace with the world.

*Dislike Greatly replaced hate, not to offend anyone..

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