Things I dislike greatly

This is part two of what probably will be an ongoing series.

Bands without Biogs

Right, here’s the deal, you want me to review your new song and you want to come on my radio show. Send me a biog? no everything you need is on our Myspace page you say.

Point Number 1:  Myspace is dead, its a waste of time, why are you even bothering?  Get yourselves a website.
Point Number 2: A list of gigs isn’t a biography. Give me a bit of history about the band, where you’re hoping to go and what you want to achieve.

Then, you can get hopefully, possibly a good interesting interview, not ‘eh so er, who are your influences?’

Final Cut Rendering Times:

Dear Mr Jobs,

This is the second time in four months I’ve complained about FCP rendering times. Forget about developing your Ipad thing, time is money and if my computer is busy rendering something in FCP, I’m screwed.

Please get your team of superbrains to develop a FCP system that dramtically cuts down on rendering times.

Yours in waiting, hoping and being driven to dispair.