There’s a chill in the air

elmer fudd hat

The only thing I can find that rhymes with Equinox is pox.. I’m not a fan of the weather from here til next Spring.  September traditionally in Ireland is not a bad month, with a fair bit of sunshine.

I remember getting sunburned on Oct 5th 2001 in London!

Other interesting things happen, college and school starts up but I can’t think of anything really nice.

Living in the northern hemisphere means we are heading into Winter,  on Twitter last night someone mentioned there was 93 sleeps til Christmas. Thanks!

Me, I need sunshine and probably don’t get enough. It doesn’t help that I go a bright tomato red within ten minutes of the Summer Sun hitting my fair complexion.

The heating is on in the evenings already, it’s cold, you need it but more depressing I think is the evenings are dark already. Last night it really was pitch black at 2030. 🙁

I wouldn’t be surprised if I got that Seasonally Affective Disorder, sunshine makes me happy 🙂

As I prepare to head back to college next week, think of poor old me and my extra layers and gloves (fingerless but with a mitten like top that flips over) and my Elmer Fudd hat as I try to function within our geographically placed icebox.

It’s September now, what will I be like when we reach our climate reaches its coldest in January…

Birr! More than a town in Co. Offaly!

….nessy out!

Picture of Elmer Fudd hat from Here