The Skin We’re In EP Review

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Criky Markey is the man behind The Skin Were In. Based in Newry, Co. Down, Markey has just released his debut EP.

The EP kicks off with Something To Prove, a mid tempo radio friendly track in the pop rock vein. It’s not bad, I just waiting for something else to happen. It has a nice build up to the chorus but I would have liked it to have more kick when it got there.

Christine is a piano/vocal led track, reminiscent of something Train would do. The strings on this track are extremely delicately mixed, some nice reversed samples also feature. The funky Material Lust, builds up nicely but needs to be a little grittier.

I’m not quite sure why The Reason Why was left til last. It’d put this track one! It’s another mid-tempo track but has an excellent drum/sample intro and a driving bass line. It has a great break down in the middle and is really well produced.

The recording features Markey alongside members of the RTE philharmonic Orchestra. Produced by Markey alongside Tony Perry (who I must admit is my old lecturer), I can’t help but think that parts of the EP is just a little too cleanly recorded and mixed. It’s intelligent pop rock, I hopr though that he finds niche in the market and doesn’t get lost in-between genres.

More like The Reason Why please!

4.5 out of 6