The Shuffle on DCUfm Episode 1: 13/10/2011

theshuffleondcufmShow 1 Done and dusted. Good to get it over with, wasn’t feeling great when I was on air, so yes I’m making excuses. There were a couple of technical little bits and bobs that threw me off a little in the studio. You’re always going to get that when it’s the first proper full day of shows again. (Edit, I just listened back, wasn’t that bad.. ) I will get a podcast up during the week..

So here’s what happened:

1. Jennifer Lopez: Papi (It’s The DJ Kue Instrumental!)

2. Wonder Villians: Zola

3. Miles Kane: Closer

4. A Quickie with James O’Neill from Bitches With Wolves

5. Bitches With Wolves: Hurricane

6. Details of our Lovely Girls Competition: Nicki Minaj & Rihanna (Fly) vs Florence + The Machine Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Edit)

7. The Minutes: Fleetwood

8. Morning Hush: Tomorrow Never Knows

9. A Song That Will Get You Laid: Lana Del Ray: Blue Jeans

10. A Quickie with Gordo From The Chakras

11. The Chakras: Movement

12. Cars Love Girls: Lose Your Mind

13. Empire of The Sun: Walking On A Dream

14. Ann Scott: Killerman Remix

15. Wolf Gang: Dancing With The Devil

16. Muse: Plug In Baby

17. Winner of Our Lovely Girls Competition: Nicki Minaj and Rihanna: Fly