The Saw Doctors: Hazard AKA The Country is Fcuked Review

Hazard Saw DoctorsIs Ireland turning a corner? Hazard from The Saw Doctors is one of two CDs that dropped in my inbox this week, documenting the current shit the country is in.

Hazard is taken from ‘The Further Adventures of…’, cleverly the uptempo beat of the track counteracts the lyrics telling of a current Ireland. It’s all about being back on the dole while somehow the instrumentation of the track almost implies that nothing will keep us down.

It’s a pity about radio restrictions and censoring some times, which the actual words ‘The Country is Fcuked’ don’t appear in the lyrics anywhere, it’s almost like I wished that just this once, they were in there.It’s not a bad track at all, it’s memorable and it’s catchy. Again, The Saw Doctors just have that knack for everyday real life lyrics and songs.

For me the really interesting thing will be radio play with these types of songs and how much they will actually get. Local stations shouldn’t have too much trouble playing these but what about the nationals? I look forward to the next few weeks to find out.

Hazard aka The Country is F**ked (Radio Edit) by sawdoctors