The London Ear // Show 40

I’m not quite sure what happened today, there was a problem with the broadcast. While I try to get to the bottom of it here is as it was meant to be. Apologies to Cormac from Red Queen Contest for any inconvenience caused.

1. The London Ear Intro
2. Radclyffe Hall: Dare to Dream
3. Last Lynx: Curtains
4. The Cheek of Her: Guitar Muse
5. Tara: Beast
6. Castlerays: Be My Lover
7. Milky Chance: Down By The River
8. Darling: 2001
9. Little Comets: Salt
10. Ambassadeurs: Do You Right
11. Carriages: Significant Landscapes
11. Chat with Cormac from Red Queen Contest
12. Red Queen Contest: One and The Same
13. Twin Oaks: Find A Way
14. Barry Finnimore: She Shook Me

I hope you liked the tunes and the chat with Cormac. I’ll be working here to make sure that the show is broadcast on RTE 2XM in its time on Sunday night at 2100.

Thanks for listening!