The London Ear // Show 295 – A Celebration of Black Irish Music

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The London Ear // Show 295 – A Celebration of Black Irish Music

I think this may have been the most important episode of The London Ear. I’m delighted that I have this platform and have previously played a lot of the artists on today’s show. I’m also delighted that this gave me an opportunity to learn about some new Black Irish artists. As I’ve said on the show before, when I’m living away from Ireland, in a full time job and not able to get to shows in Ireland, it’s easy for new artists to slip right past me. I’m delighted that I managed to play some brand new artists and learn more about their music. Thanks to Finn for pointing me in the direction of some of them.

We all know that Phil Lynott was the first well known Black Irish musician. Fast Forward to the late 2000s,  I became very aware of the influence of Black culture on Irish music through some DJs who became friends to me, Frank Jez, DJ Ahmed and DJ Wax.

It’s only right Black culture and music sits happily alongside Irish culture. Irish people have travelled around the world and left our culture and music in the new places we call home. It’s only right and proper that that we celebrate the lives and cultures of Black people from different backgrounds who have come to to call Ireland home.

The influence of Black culture and its influence on Irish music is amazingly brilliant. Turn the speakers up, spend the next hour getting to know just a few of Ireland’s amazing Black singers, rappers, writers, producers and musicians. Black Irish Music and Black Lives Matter.

The London Ear // Show 295 – June 6 2020 Playlist

Here’s all the amazing Black Irish music I managed to squeeze into an hour. I have added a link to each of these amazing artists so you can check out more of their music.

1. Jafaris: Found My Feet
2. Erica Cody: Good Intentions
3. Rusangano Family: Heathrow
4. Denise Chaila: Chaila
5. Rejjie Snow: Eyyptian Luvr feat Amine
6. Loah: This Heart
7. AikJ: One Last Time
8. Soulé: Love Tonight feat C Cane
9. Jyellowl + Aaron Unknown: Oh Lawd
10. Tolu Makay: Let Me In
11. Tebi Rex: Financial Controller
12. Xona: Only One
13. Shookrah: Notions
14. Eeddaay: Portobello Freestyle
15. Malaki ft Jeorge II: Cavalier
16. Dreaming of Jupiter: Fading
17. Sia Babez: Are You Ready?

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