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The London Ear: Show 292 // Sistas Are Doing It For Themselves

Hello from London, I saw a social media post online during the week about an Irish music playlist that was full of testosterone and not one female voice in it. Lots of people were firing off ‘hate’ at the playlist makers. No, it’s not right to leave out the ladies from playlists. If music is good and made by men or womxn then if it’s good enough to be on the radio / playlist, it’s good enough.

But, I do believe, as a feminist, if I can do something to balance the ills, and show support for Irish womxn who make awesome music, then I will. I could easily have filled the show ten times over, but this is a start.

If you like this idea, maybe I’ll do something like this every couple of weeks.

The London Ear: Show 292 // May 16 2020 // Playlist

Here’s what happened on today’s episode of The London Ear.

1. CheryM: Weird Ones
2. Pillow Queens : Brothers
3. Halli: Fcuk Fear
4. Amanda St James: Made Myself a Name (Arvo Party Remix)
5. Denise Chaila: Copper Bullet
6. Laoise: Seriously
7. whenyoung: The Prayer
8. Loah: Nothing (Elaine Mai Remix)
9. Fia Moon: better days
10. AE MAK: Love Flush
11. Fears: two
12. Havvk: Operate
13. SIIGHTS & JYellowL: Blue Skies
14. Dreaming of Jupiter: Beyond a vibe
15. Biig Piig: Switch
16. Meljoann: Assf The Boss
17. Gemma Hayes: Come Over

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