The London Ear // Show 289

The London Ear Lockdown

Lockdown, better than being locked out!

Imagine losing your keys right now, man, what a pain!!

What do you think of the glitchy new image? Up there, yeah, that one!

I’ve an hour of great Irish music for you. Get your headphones, sit back and relax and lose yourself for an hour.

The London Ear // Show 289 April 25th 2020

Here’s what was on the menu on this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. Munky: Closed Door Policy
2. Fia Moon: Better Days
3. Pity of The Sea: Black Lines
4. Beach Comber: Two Set Sail
5. Swimmers Jackson: Bliss
6. Dreaming of Jupiter: Beyond a Vibe
7. Grubby and Cheesmore: Lately
8. Zapho: Fight Me
9. Junk Drawer: What I’ve learned, What I’m learning
10. Bullet Girl: Hatred
11. Sara Ryan: Human
12. Son of Loughlin: Changing of a season
13. Swoose: Introspective

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