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The London Ear // Show 288

Another week in paradise, ok, stuck in my apartment in South East London. I hope you’re staying safe.

The London Ear Show 288 // April 18 2020 Playlist

Here’s what was on the menu on this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. Columbia Mills: The Greatest Love
2. Pinhole: Little Bohemia
3. Hunting Hall: Dublin Portland London
4. Biig Piig: Switch
5. The Late David Turpin and Veda: Burn Everything
6. Emma Langford (Arvo Party Remix): Sowing Acorns
7. Dreaming of Jupiter: Beyond A Vibe
8. Pity of The Sea: A Swarming
9. Beach Comber: Two Set Sail
10. Joe Chester: Staying Together For The Children
11. Bullet Girl: Hatred
12. Perlee: Conditions to Thrive
13. Grubby and Cheesemore: Lately
14. Munky: Closed Door Policy

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