The London Ear // Show 256

The London Ear logo in front of the London city skyline

The London Ear Show 256 is an hour of amazing new Irish music for you.

As you may be aware, the show is prerecorded every week. I upload the final file and the magic happens on Saturdays at 1pm.

As it’s a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, as this week’s show was being broadcast, I was actually on the south coast in Brighton, ‘relaxing’ / staying out of the sun in 28 degree heat. Life eh?

The London Ear // Show 256 August 24 2019 Playlist

Here’s the running order for today’s show!

1. The Murder Capital: Don’t Cling to Life
2. Laoise: Seriously?
3. Alana Henderson: Museum
4. Max Cooper: Perpetual Motion
5. Dermot Kennedy: Outnumbered
6. Wallis Bird: Brutal Honesty
7. Daithi: Nobody New Around You
8. Jaime Nanci-Barron: The Lost Boys of Turia
9. Stephen Robinson: I’m Made of You
10. Alex Gough: Step To Me
11. Curtis Walsh: Seven Seas
12. Bats: Old Hitler
13. Keith O’Connell: The Mirror Of My Soul
14. Pat Dam Smyth: Last King

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