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The London Ear // Show 169 with The Ungraceful Guide

Today on The London Ear, I was delighted to discover that Latin America, Peru, to be precise, has decent, wifi. That meant I was able to catch up with Dubliners, Katie Hogan and Luke Gibney, who run The Ungraceful Guide. The Ungraceful Guide a blog, which is documenting their travels.

At the time of recording, the pair were in Peru, right now, they’re in Bolivia and continuing their travels in Latin America. Up next, if all goes well, is Asia.

The pair are travelling on a budget, if you’re Asia, get in touch with them. Have them stay in your hostel, eat in your restaurant and let them write about you on The Ungraceful Guide. I’m sure they’d be delighted to hear from you.

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The London Ear // Show 169, October 21st 2017 // Playlist

1. The Stunning: Always You
2. Steven Page: Surprise Suprise
3. Ivan Nicolas: Moving On
4. Four in the Morning: Terrifed
5. Chat with Katie and Luke from The Ungraceful Guide
6. Bell X1: Rocky Took A Lover
7. Chat with Katie and Luke from The Ungraceful Guide (part 2)
8. The B-52s: Roam
9. Ailbhe Reddy: The Tube
10. Penrose: Better Man

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