The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 94 // Sep 19 2015


Cry Monster Cry were guests on today’s show, before their gig at the Islington here in London.

Here’s what happened:

1. The London Ear
2. They Might Be Giants: Music Jail PT 1 & 2
3. Bairbre Ann: It’s You
4. Girl Band: Pears For Lunch
5. MOANA: Elephant Bones
6. Orphan Boy: Money To Money
7. Young Natives: Pilot Light
8. Courtney Bartnett: Nobody Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party
9. Anderson: Things We Have in Common
10. Cry Monster Cry: The Fallen
11. Chat with Jamie from Cry Monster Cry
12. Cry Monster Cry: Postcards
13. Overhead, The Albatross: Big River Man
14. Alias Empire: Link

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The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 94 // Sep 19 2015 by Nessy on Mixcloud