The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 225

THE LONDON EAR nessymon 2018

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 225

We’re getting to the end of the year and it’s a great chance to take a look at some of the great music we’ve played in 2018. Hand on heart, I can honestly say that I wish I had more time every week to play everything I want to on The London Ear.

The London Ear // Show 225 December 15 2018 // Playlist

Here’s what I played on today’s show:
1. Fontaines D.C: Too Real
2. Sinead O’Connor: The Foggy Dew
3. Dreaming of Jupiter: Fading
4. Havvk: Always The Same
5. Damien Dempsey: It’s Important
6. Stefan Murphy: I Built This Song For Christmas
7. Whenyoung: Dreams
8. Pursued by Dogs: Swap Dimensions
9. Street Lights: Homeward Bound
10. Kitt Philipa: Human
11. Rejjie Snow: Egyptian Lover
12. Old Hannah:Follow
13. Baba: Land of the Damned
14. Join Me In The Pines: Bad Blood

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