The London Ear on RTE 2XM Show 19: 29/01/2014

Show 19 of The London Ear, great to chat to Cian Walsh from Toy Soldier and to the lads from Young Braves.

Here what happened:
1. The London Ear Intro
2. Temples: Mesmerise
3. Saint Raymond:Young Blood
4. The Family Rain: Vulcipide
5. windings: Neverwood
6. Land Lovers: Vittima Di Cucina
7. Interview with Cian Walsh of Toy Soldier
8. Toy Soldier: Animal
9. Dan Croll: From Nowhere
10. Elbow: New York Morning
11. Hudson Taylor: Weapons
12. Interview with Young Braves
13. Young Braves: Youth
14. Young rebel Set: Tuned Transmission
15. Thumpers: Sound of Screams

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Don’t forget if you’re Irish and in a band based in the UK or touring in the UK, get in touch I’d love to hear from you. I love hearing new music so if you have something you think I’d be into send me a mail nessy @ (Take out the gaps)

Thanks for listening.