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The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 181 with Matthew from Tayne / Sweat Threats

So, finally January is over and we’re into February.

Chat with Matthew from Tayne and Sweat Threats

On today’s show, I spoke to musician and tattoo artist, Matthew Sutton about this musical project Tayne. Tayne released a single ‘Sacrifice’ that I’ve been playing on the radio. They’ve also been doing some gigs and will head across the Irish Sea to do some shows in two weeks time.

As if that wasn’t enough, Matthew is also a member of Sweat Threats, who released their new single, ‘Pop My Cherry’, yesterday. Also in the band is another previous guest on The London Ear, Swimmers Jackson.

Where do they get the time and energy?

You can find out more about Tayne on Facebook and Twitter.
You can find out about Sweat Threats on Facebook and Twitter also. Fancy that!

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 180 Feb 3 2018 Playlist

1. Chvrches: Get Out
2. Rejjie Snow: Egyptian Luvr
3. Paddy Hanna: Touslouse the Kisser
4. Speak Brother: Magnesium Burn
5. Track Dogs: I don’t want to ruin it
6. Chat with Matthew from Tayne / Sweat Threats
7. Sweat Threats: Pop My Cherry
8. Chat with Matthew from Tayne / Sweat Threats
9. Tayne: Sacrifice
10. Shapeshiftingalien: Show My Face
11. Lydian Collective: Cascades
12. 1000 Beasts feat Janet Grogan: Lord It’s OK
13. Goo Munday: Where did you go?

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Photo of Tayne by Lee Tron Mann from here