The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 180 // Jan 27 2018

Hello, how are you all doing? Better still, how are the New Year’s resolutions going? Good? Fair play! I don’t believe in all that!

Chat with Chris from Five Grand Stereo

On this week’s episode of The London Ear, I was delighted to be able to catch up with Dublin born musician, Chris Singleton. Chris has been living in London for a number of years now and along with his band, Five Grand Stereo, have just released a new album ‘Sex and Money’.

It’s been years since I chatted to Chris and it was great to be able to catch up with him. Check out the album ‘Sex and Money’ – it’s bloody good!

You can check out Five Grand Stereo on their website, Twitter and on Facebook.

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 180 Jan 27 2018 Playlist

1. Hercules & Love Affair: My Curse and Cure
2. AE Mak:: Glow
3. Pillow Queens: Favourite
4. They Might Be Giants: All Time What
5. Swimmers Jackson: Pain in the heart
6. Paddy Hanna: Toulouse the Kisser
7. Chat with Chris Singleton from Five Grand Stereo
8. Five Grand Stereo: David Bowie
9. Chat with Chris Singleton from Five Grand Stereo Part 2
10. Five Grand Stereo: Mr Lighter
11. Roe: Wasted Patient Thinking
12. Conor Furlong: Alien
13. Rejjie Snow feat. Amine: Egyptian Luvr

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Photo of Five Grand Stereo taken from here