The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 155 with Swimmers Jackson

Swimmers Jackson - London Ear Show 155

Swimmers Jackson - London Ear Show 155

Hey hey! Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland, I have to say that even though we had a Bank Holiday last weekend here in the UK, we’re still feeling a little left out. Never fear! Swimmers Jackson is here with his new single, ‘Summer’s Here’, to cheer us all up.

Interview with Swimmers Jackson

Swimmers Jackson is a London based Irish musician, he also plays in the band Bouts and is now involved with another London based band. The man likes to keep busy! If you’ve ever lived in Dublin and gone down to the canal with some mates, ‘Summer’s Here’ is the song for you!

You can find out more about Swimmers aka Niall C Jackson on Facebook and Twitter. You can buy Summer’s Here from Bandcamp. You can also keep up to date with Niall’s travel blog.

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // June 3rd 2017 Playlist

1. Nousom Knots: Midnight
2. Mark Geary: Battle of Troy
3. Loah: This Heart
4. Road Wives: Miracle
5. Ailbhe Reddy: Fingertips
6. Romes: Tryna Be
7. Dreaming of Jupiter: Light of my Life
8. Warsaw Radio: Still Have You To Hold
9. Saint Sister: Causing Trouble
10. Masasolo: Really Thought She Loved Me
11. Chat with Swimmers Jackson
12. Swimmers Jackson: Summer’s Here
13. The Coronas: Reel Feel

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Photo of Swimmers Jackson from Bandcamp © Niall Jackson