The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 131 with Jack O’Rourke

Jack O'Rourke - The London Ear 131 -

Jack O'Rourke - The London Ear 131 - nessymon.comEpisode 131 of The London Ear, gave me a chance to catch up with an artist who I had missed out on since moving to London.

Interview with Jack O’Rourke

Jack O’Rourke is a Cork musician with such a beautiful voice. It has a depth and warmth that many will envy. Think along the lines of John Grant or Leonard Cohen. He has just released his album ‘Dream Catcher’.

You can find Jack on Twitter and Facebook or on his website. You can check out Dream Catcher on Spotify

The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 131 // October 15 2016 // Playlist

1. James Darkin: Chase
2. Secret Cameras: Going Places
3. Two Door Cinema Club: Gameshow
4. The Academic: Mixtape 2003
5. Gypsies on the Autobahn: Torrents
6. Jack O’Rourke: Naviety
7. Chat with Jack O’Rourke (Part 1)
8. Jack O’Rourke: Iggy
9. Chat with Jack O’Rourke (Part 2)
10. Jack O’Rourke: On The Downlow
11. The Japanese House: Face Like Thunder
12. John Gibbons: Would I Lie To You?

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