The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 129 with John Gibbons

DJ John Gibbons on The London Ear on RTE 2XM with nessymon

DJ John Gibbons on The London Ear on RTE 2XM with nessymon

After a little break, The London Ear is back and no better reason to get back behind the mic than to chat to Ireland’s very own superstar DJ, John Gibbons.

Interview with John Gibbons

John is the man behind the rework of Charles and Eddie’s ‘Would I lie to you?’.
When we recorded the interview on Tuesday September 27th, the track has 4.7 million streams on Spotify. Last night (September 30th) John posted that the track has passed 5 million streams, an amazing achievement.

The London Ear on RTE 2XM // Show 129 // October 1 2016 Playlist

Here’s what happened on this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. Placebo: Jesus’ Son
2. Submotion: Headchecked
3. Interview with John Gibbons (Part 1)
4. John Gibbons: 1984 (Full Tilt remix)
5. Interview with John Gibbons (Part 2)
6. John Gibbons: Your Love
7. Interview with John Gibbons (Part 3)
8. John Gibbons: Would I lie to you?
9. The Shamen: Ebeneezer Goode

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Here’s ‘Would I lie to you?’ on Spotify.