The London Ear on RTE 2XM #395

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The London Ear #395

Welcome to episode 395 of The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM. I have a bag full of great records to share with you on this week’s programme on RTE 2XM. Hope you enjoy the programme and thanks for all your social interactions when the show was broadcast on Saturday. It truly means a lot.

From The Vault: JJ72

This week’s Irish track from the Vault comes from JJ72, one of the most underrated Irish bands ever, if you ask me. They should have been huge! There’s a great decent overview of the life of the band on Wiki. I guess one of the sad things about the internet and the demise of bands is that no one really hangs on to their domain so all the official websites tend to lapse.

All you really need to know is JJ72 were brilliant. You can listen to them on Spotify.

JJ72’s video for ‘Snow’

Sound of The Underground: Oscar Browne

Sound of The Underground is the section of the programme where I introduce you to a London-based artist or band. South London is full of talent! Oscar Browne proves it! He’s just released his debut single, ‘Never Quite Right’ and I’m delighted it’s this week’s Sound of The Underground.

Oscar have previously played with the likes of Mellah, previous Sound of the Underground artist Wunderhorse, DeadPretties and is part of folk collective Broadside Hacks. Broadside Hacks was formed after the founder Campbell Baum, saw Junior Brother play in a pub in Dublin. It’s an ‘open to all session’ and they’ve got together to release a compilation that I would highly encourage you to check out. Katy J Pearson and Brigid Mae Power are also involved.

To find out more about Oscar, head over to Insta, Facebook, Soundcloud. You can also find Oscar on Spotify.

Oscar Browne’s video for ‘Never Quite Right’

The London Ear #395 Playlist // July 2 2022

Here’s what was on the playlist for this week’s episode 395 of The London Ear on July 2 2022.

Hour 1
Two Door Cinema Club: Wonderful Life
Ragerra: Hone
Biig Piig: Fun
Biig Piig & Metronomy: 405
Viscose: Focus
Yard: Autoerotic
Circuit 3: Future Radio
Clara Tracey: Baby WItch
Mick Jagger: Strange Game
Just Mustard: Seed
Jena Keating: Nobody Can Have Me
From The Vault: JJ72 Snow
Sal: Everything
Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith: Slow Down (James Cole Edit)

Hour 2
Maggie Rogers: Want Want
Ham Sandwich: Le Soleil
Sound of The Underground: Oscar Browne: Never Quite Right
Fizzy Orange: Wonder
Loah: Your Word
Gammy Origami: Now That You Got Me Thinking
Ailbhe Reddy: A Mess
kae Tempest: Don’t You Ever
Columbia Mills: Nevada
Sinead O’Brien: Like Culture
Driven Snow: Sunlight
Matt Ó: Sonny
Sampa The Great: Never Forget [Feat. Chef 187, Tio Nason, Mwanjé]
Myles O’Reilly: Coocooning Heart
Matt McManmon: Out Of THe Cold
Keeley: Shadow on The Hills
Plan B: ill Manors
Swimmers Jackson: Summer’s Herald

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