The London Ear on RTE 2XM #367

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The London Ear on RTE 2XM #367

On this week’s episode of The London Ear, I wanted to share some music from great Irish albums that have been released this year. By no means is this a full list of great Irish albums of the year, I just couldn’t find everything into an hour.

But, I did think it important for all the artists involved in today’s programme, that I share links to where you can buy their music. Musicians have had a pretty shite time and a lot of a musician’s revenue comes from merch and music sold at gigs. Take away the ability to play a gig and you take away a chunk of their wages. Not just revenue, this is their wages, it’s what pays their rent. If you can afford to purchase some music from any of the artists on today’s show, I’ve included links to their Bandcamp pages. All the artists involved will be very appreciative.

The London Ear December 18 2021 // Playlist

Here’s all the music I managed to squeeze in on this week’s episode of The London Ear playlist.

1. Orla Gartland: Codependancy (from Woman on The Internet – Buy on Bandcamp)
2. Soda Blonde: Swimming Through The Night (from Small Talk – Buy on Bandcamp)
3. Fears: Fabric – (from Oiche – Buy on Bandcamp)
4. Elephant: Envy – (from Ice Cream – Buy on Bandcamp)
5. Maria Kelly: Good Enough – (from The Sum of The InBetween – Buy on Bandcamp)
6. Villagers: So Simpatico – (from Fever Dreams – Buy on Bandcamp)
7. The Crayon Set: Don’t Step Back Too Far (from Disco Downer – Buy on Bandcamp)
8. For Those I Love: I Have a love (from For Those I Love – Buy on Bandcamp)
9. Cat Dowling: All That I Can Do ( from Animals – Buy on Bandcamp)
10. Kojaque: Town’s Dead (from Town’s Dead – Buy on Bandcamp)
11. A Ritual Sea: Desire Lines ( from A Ritual Sea – Buy on Bandcamp)
12. Jack O’Rourke: Sea Swimming (from Wild Place – Buy on Bandcamp)
13. Brendan Tallon: Old Man Superman (from Love in These Times – Buy on Bandcamp)

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