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Hello, hello, hello!

Well have I got news for you on this week’s episode of The London Ear. Firstly, I’ve got an hour of amazing music for you. Second, we have news about what’s happening RTÉ 2XM as a digital platform.

About a year ago, we got the news that RTÉ was closing it’s digital stations. That was a horrible blow, to be honest. Not just for me personally but also for all the musicians, especially upcoming Irish artists for which, in my case, RTÉ 2XM is an extremely important platform.

In a year when it’s been a bit shit, putting it mildly, completely closing another platform for their music would have a major set back for Irish musicians.

RTÉ 2XM and RTÉ’s other digital stations, will continue to broadcast on DAB in Ireland until the end of March 2021. After that, the stations will continue to broadcast online. It makes sense, most people listen online, apps, their phones etc. To find out how you can continue to listen to 2XM go to to

For me, I’m sad to see what is surely the end of DAB radio in Ireland. When I was completing my degree in 2012, the subject of my thesis was ‘The Roll Out of Digital Audio Broadcasting in Ireland and Explorations into the Future Radio Landscape‘.

At the time, I knew DAB would never take off in Ireland, like it has in the UK. It’s expensive to start in the platform and Ireland having a smaller population were major factors. Radio stations would need to run on two platforms for a while. With the technology we have now, online makes more sense.

So, I’m delighted that RTÉ are continuing to give The London Ear a platform. Hurrah!

March 6 2021 // Playlist

Here’s what was on the playlist for this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. Fears: Vines
2. Kʒːlu: Ridgewood
3. Video Blue: Appear to us Madonna
4. Clare Sands & Susan O’Neill: Carry My Song
5. Midnight Wayne: It’s Alright Hold On
6. Catalan! Rousillon Serenade
7. Rebekah Fitch: Loose Ends
8. Those Nervous Animals: The Business Enterprise (My Friend John)
9. Kynsy: Dog Videos
10. Enda Gallery: Guess We Got A Problem
11. Slaney: Chameleon
12. Lee Rogers: The House
13. FiCat: Dreamin
14. The Beat Bakery feat. EMARNA: Not Done With Good Byes
15. Jamin O’Donovan: Invitation

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Thanks for listening, The London Ear broadcast on DAB radio (until the end of March), Saorview, nationwide in Ireland and outside Ireland you can listen online. You can listen to the show again on RTÉ 2XM on the RTÉ player including all previous episodes. The show is broadcast every Saturday at 1300.

If you missed last week’s show, you can check it out here. On next week’s show , I chat to London-based, Dublin artist, Fears. I’d love for you to join me!