The London Ear 356 – Interview with Paul Quin

A glamorous Paul Quin, wearing fux fur and a crown sits in front of a black ground

The London Ear – Interview with Paul Quin

Hello and welcome to episode 356 of The London Ear! This week’s radio show features an interview with Dublin based electronica artist, Paul Quinn. I was delighted to catch with up Paul as he an artist who I’ve wanted to chat to for a long time. After a little musical hiatus, Paul is working towards releasing an album entitled ‘Life on Earth’.

I really enjoyed the chat with Paul. We spoke about Paul’s new single, ‘Be Yourself Girl’, his time living in London, the visual side of his music and the freedom to be yourself and express yourself through art. Paul has been involved in music for many years, and I wasn’t aware of his musical history so it was also a great opportunity to learn more about his musical journey through electronica as well as getting to know him a bit better. Paul’s album ‘Life on Earth will be released on Russian label, ‘Scent Air Records‘, in 2022.

You can find out more about Paul and his work on and on Insta, Twitter and Facebook.

Check out Paul Quin’s video for ‘A Better Place’

The London Ear 356 – September 18 2021 Playlist

Here’s what was on the playlist for today’s episode of The London Ear.
1. Elaine Mai feat Sinead White: Go Slow
2. Wornoc: Rising Tides
3. Interview with Paul Quin
4. Paul Quin: A Better Place
5. Interview with Paul Quin Part 2
6. Paul Quin: The Absynthe Bar
7. Interview with Paul Quin: Be Yourself Girl
8. Kind Pirates: Coming Up Fast
9. Hawwk: Halfway Out

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