The London Ear #401: Siobhán + Niall from Sweat Threats

The London Ear Summer 2022

The London Ear #401: Siobhán + Niall from Sweat Threats

Hello! Welcome, bienvenue! Have another great episode of The London Ear for you! This week, I’m joined by London based singer songwriter Siobhán and Niall Jackson from Sweat Threats. Thanks also to James OR who popped in to introduce a track ahead of his London album launch.

Interview with Siobhán


A couple of weeks ago, I chose Siobhán’s debut single as my ‘Sound of The Underground’ track. When I found out there was an Irish connection (through her parents), I had to take the opportunity to chat to her on The London Ear.

‘Black Hole’, has reached 80K streams on Spotify and she’s starting to pick up radio play across the UK. It’s an exciting time for her and from chatting to her, it’s easy to see that she wants to make the most of the opportunity she’s getting. She’s been writing for years and she’s now ready to unleash her music on the world.

Siobhán joined me in the first hour of the programme.

Keep in touch with Siobhán on Insta and Tiktok.

Interview with Niall Jackson from Sweat Threats

Sweat Threats – rocking hard!

It’s great to see new music from Sweat Threats. Two thirds Irish in Londoners add one third Scouser and you’re in for a special treat.

I was delighted to be joined in the second hour by Niall from Sweat Threats. Niall also plays bass in Bouts and is a solo artist in his own right, as Swimmers Jackson, and is gearing up to release his second album.

Sweat Threats are now releasing four singles over four Fridays, which were recorded just as the world was locking down. The first single ‘Questions?’ features Niall on vocals is a mellower cut than ‘Call Bullshit’ where Matt lets loose.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks and I’m with Niall in his belief that you should pay for your music rather than stream. Have a listen to the trio on Bandcamp and if you can afford it, make a purchase!

From The Vault: Codes

This week’s Irish track From The Vault comes from 2010 and ‘Starry Eyed’ from Codes. Codes’ first album ‘Trees Dream In Algebra was nominated for a Choice Music Prize in that year. Their second album ‘AALTARS’ was released in 2015 but sadly seemed to signal the end of the band.

Daragh Anderson, singer of the band, now lives in the UK and is a an award winning designer and creative technologist. You can check out his website here.

Sound of The Underground: Connie Constance

Sound of The Underground is the section of the programme where I introduce you to a London-based artist or band.

This week’s track comes from Connie Constance. She released her debut long player, ‘English Rose’, in 2019 and I’m ashamed to say it passed me by. Her new album ‘Miss Power’ is due for release in November. Already, the new single ‘Til The World’s Awake’, is making lots of waves.

Keep up to date with what Connie gets up to on her website

Listen to all the tracks chosen for ‘Sound of The Underground’ in this nice handy playlist!

Nessy Recommends: Young Fathers

Once upon a time, I had a feature on this blogNessy Recommends‘ followed ‘Tune of The Week’ from the late 00s. Yes, I’ve been bullsh1tting on the internet for that long! I thought it was something I could include in The London Ear.

This week’s ‘Nessy Recommends’ track is from Young Father’s with Geronmino. It’s the first new music from them since 2018. It’s out on Ninja Tune and I’ve been humming this all week.

Check out the ‘Nessy Recommends’ playlist.

The London Ear 401 Playlist: Aug 20 2022

Here’s what was on the playlist for The London Ear 401.

Hour 1:
Meltybrains?: Journey To/From The Meltyworld
The Murder Capital: Only Good Things
Kynsy: Love of Your Life
Piglet: It Isn’t Fair Interview with Siobhan
Siobhan: Black Hole
Antony Smerzeriek: The Hitchhikers Guide to The Fallacy
James Or: Miserable
From The Vault: Codes: Starry Eyed
Elkae: Lie To Me
Interplanetary Rap Crew: Shell Shock
I Jordan: Always Been

Hour 2:
Dry Cleaning: Don’t Press Me
Carrie Baxter Feat Jafaris: Satellite
Sound of The Underground:Connie Constance:
Ham Sandwich: All My Blood
Telifis feat Sean O’Hagan: Space is Us
Zapho: Big Song Blue
Neil Dexter: I’ll Be Ready
Sweat Threats: Questions?
Interview with Niall from Sweat Threats
Sweat Threats: Call Bullshit
Elaine Howley: Silent Talk
Motorcycle Display Team: Armchair Politican
Nessy Recommends: Young Fathers: Geronimo
Darius: Colourblind

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