The London Ear #394 – Pride Edition

The London Ear Roundel on the Progress Pride Flag

Welcome to The London Ear #394 – Pride Edition! Happy Pride y’all!! Firstly, again, I adore having a platform like 2XM to do things like this: An episode of The London Ear completely devoted to the LGBTQ community to celebrate Pride.

I really enjoyed the chance to play some music I don’t normally play on the radio as well as chatting with Paul Maddern, Poet and Editor of ‘Queering The Green.’

Chat with Paul Maddern, Poet and Editor of ‘Queering The Green’

Screenshot of Poet, Paul Maddern, chatting to Nessy on Zoom For The London Ear #394 - Pride Edition
Poet, Paul Maddern, chats to Nessy on Zoom For The London Ear

‘Queering The Green’ is a poetry anthology featuring 21 Irish Queer poets, edited by Paul Maddern. It was really lovely to speak to Paul. I’m not a huge poetry buff by any means but this anthology has some beautiful poems, gorgeous words, and meaning.

Paul is a published poet in his own right, you can find his work on Templar Poetry. He also runs The River Mill in County Down which is a boutique writing retreat, which looks absolutely gorgeous

‘Queering The Green’ is published by The Lifeboat Press

From The Vault: Boy George – No Clause 28

George O’Dowd’s family hail from Co. Offaly and I think it’s important to remember his input into the LGBT rights movement. He’s the first gay person I ever remember on telly or radio. In 1998, Boy George released ‘No Clause 28’, which is basically a protest song against the ridiculous ‘Section 28’ law in the UK which basically made the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality illegal.

I played the Pascal Gabriel Mix of Boy George’s No Clause 28.

Sound Of The Underground: Joviale

Sound of The Underground is the section of the programme where I introduce you to a London based musician or based with whom you may be unfamiliar. This week’s artist is Joviale, a truly unique artist who I’m overjoyed that I’ve found.

Follow Joviale on Insta, Bandcamp and Spotify.

The London Ear 394 – Pride Edition Playlist: June 24 22

Here’s what was on this week’s Pride Playlist of The London Ear.

Hour 1:
George Michael: Outside
Wallis Bird: F.K.K. No Pants Dance
Elkae: Girls Like You Like Me
Apollo Munroe: Sweet Tooth
Sack: Angel
Paul Maddern chats about Queering The Green
Ailbhe Reddy: Inhaling
From The Vault: Boy George: No Clause 28
Viscose: Focus
Oliver Sim: Romance With A Memory (Midlake Remix)

Hour 2
Scissor Sisters: Let’s Have a Kiki
Pillow Queens: My Body Moves
Sound Of The Underground: Joviale: UW4GM
Pastiche: Disco Junkie
Paper Tigers: Graceless
Phoeno: Kelly Brook
Big Daisy: Without Dreams
Keeley: Shadow On The Hills
Soak: Last July
Josh McClorey: Puffin’ Clovers
Matt Taylor: April 13th
Bobbi Arlo: Fever Thoughts
The Late David Turpin: The Hotel
Years & Years: It’s A Sin
Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield: What Have I Done To Deserve This

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