The London Ear #384 with Emét

Emét showing off their tattoos drinking a cup of tea

The London Ear #384 with Emét

Welcome to The London Ear #384! Lots of fun on this week’s episode. I loved catching up with Emét, aka Emmet McGonagle from Derry, to chat about their new album ‘Carlin’s Farm’ and had great fun choosing the music for the show.

From The Vault

This week’s Irish track From The Vault comes from Berkeley. They were a band that everyone was talking about for a while. They formed in 2001 in Donegal and recorded their debut album ‘Hope, Prayers and Bubblegum’ with Steve Albini. Tommy McLaughlin from the band now runs Attica Studios and let’s face it, he’s a bit of a legend!

Sound of The Underground

Sound of The Underground is the section of the programme where I introduce you to a London-based artist or band. This week’s artist is Sweet Giant.

Here’s what the band say about the tracks: “The songs were a product of the time spent during lockdown and a need for escapism from the world we were experiencing. We decorated our little box of a studio with colourful materials, pictures and plants to try to make it feel like we were somewhere far from the grey of north London. The wallpaper on our computer screen is a photo Marco took in the Desert (Joshua Tree). We would look at that and imagine it was a window while we were playing. I think there is a common theme on this EP of trying to ‘get away’ and find somewhere better.”

Gang, as long as you’ve got bucket loads of Factor 50, I’m happy to head off to the desert with yiz!

You can find out more about Sweet Giant on their website.

Check out the video Sweet Giant’s last single and title track from their EP, ‘Til You’re Gone’. It really has that dustbowl vibe that emanates from their music.

Interview with Emét

The London Ear with Emét - Nessy and Emét chat via Zoom
Emét and Nessy chat via Zoom

It was an absolute pleasure to chat to Emét on what was the release day of his album ‘Carlin’s Farm.’ It can’t be easy releasing an album when you’re living away from home, when you’ve recorded it at home. I’ve spoken to lots of Irish people on The London Ear about moving away from Ireland and this interview with Emét really struck a chord with me personally. Each time we move country, or even the longer we live outside Ireland, we all develop a different sense of what Ireland is and what it means to us. I guess that’s the whole point of The London Ear.

Emét is originally from Derry and now living in Calgary, Canada. I have to say it sounds awesome. Emét described the place as a ‘gay cowboy town’. I’ve always wanted a stetson!

Carlin’s Farm is a beautiful album, I encourage you to sit down for an hour and chill out to this masterclass in storytelling. I love how visual each song is, you can see the movie play out as you hear each song.

FInd out more about Emét on their website and on Insta and Twitter.

Check out the video for the title track from Emét’s album below:

The London Ear April 16 22: Playlist

Here’s what was on the playlist for this week’s episode of The London Ear.
Hour 1
Sack: Sleeping On The Floor
SPIDER: I’M Fine I’M Good! I’m Perfect!
Nixer: Decisions
First Class & Coach: Neon Hip
Dirty Dreamer: Downhill
Fontaines DC: Skinty Fia
Cornerboy: Blackstairs Winter Snow
Zapho: Peoples
Hercules & Love Affair & Anohni: Poisonous Storytelling
Pillow Queens: The Wedding Band
Berkeley: New Star
Soak: puragtory
Blossoms: The Sulking Poet
The Clockworks: Endgame
Hour 2
Self Esteem: You Forever
Just Mustard Mirrors
Rosie Carney: dad
Sound Of The Underground: Sweet Giant
Roe: I Dare You
Interview with Emét
Emét: Carlin’s Farm
Interview with Emét (Part 2)
Emét: Sticky Floor Serenade
It’s Just Cat: Not a Vibe
David Holmes: It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love
Jamie XX: Let’s Do It Again

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