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The London Ear #375 with The Founders of Minm


From next week, The London Ear will begin at 12 midday and run until 2pm, that’s a massive 100% extra free. I can’t wait to dig in with more interviews in music, arts and culture, still keeping an Irish community feel. This extra time will also give me the opportunity to have a look at the music scene here in London. After all, when we move somewhere we integrate with the world around us, we just don’t keep to our own little bubble.

Can’t wait to kickstart it all next Saturday at 12 midday on RTÉ 2XM.

Interview with Luke Lau and Daniel Cosgrove: Founders of Minm screenshot - The London Ear
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Over the past while, there have been people ending their subscriptions with major music streaming services for one reason or another. But an Irish-based start-up has just launched a new platform. Minm is still a baby start-up but it’s taking giant leaps. Founders, Luke Lau and Daniel Cosgrove joined me to chat about why they start-up Minm and how a user-centric subscription system means your money is allocated to artists you actually listen to. It’s lovely to see two people so passionate about what they are doing and getting up and doing something to make a change, rather than just complaining like the rest of us.

One other thing, it costs a fiver a month!

If you want to find out more, head over to and you’ll also find the lads on Twitter.

The London Ear Playlist: Feb 12 2022

Here’s what was on the playlist on this week’s episode of The London Ear.
1. Pillow Queens: Hearts and Minds
2. New Dad: Banshee
3. One Morning in August: A Wasted Love
4. Interview with Luke and Daniel from Minm Part 1
5. Joel Harkin: Our Lives
6. Interview with Luke and Daniel from Minm Part 2
7. Cat Dowling: All That I Can Do
8. Interview with Luke and Daniel from Minm Part 3
9. Clara Byrne: What Have We?
10. Rowan: Irish to My Bones

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