The London Ear #374 with Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird promo shoot

The London Ear 374 with Wallis Bird

It was an absolute honour to speak to Wallis Bird on this episode of The London Ear. If this is the first you’ve heard of Wallis, here’s a quick intro. Wallis is an Irish Berlin based singer-songwriter who is about to release her seventh studio album. The album will be entitled ‘Hands – Nine and a half songs for nine and a half fingers’. She has just released the first two tracks from the album and I was delighted to chat to her about that.

Wallis encompasses what, for me, it is to be an artist. Hell, if I was a musician, Wallis would be who I would want to be! Cheeky, clever meaningful lyrics, a beautiful delivery and she knows how to funk it up. When the tempo rises, everything else is brought to a higher level.

I really enjoyed speaking to Wallis about the process of how her new album came about. Not only that, I haven’t heard many artists mention the tax payers. What? Yes, when artists were given grants from governments during Covid, these are ultimately coming from the tax payer. It was a refreshing attitude to have, especially when Wallis said that she didn’t want to let those tax payers down. Kudos.

There are so many more nuggets and gems in here, we get to find out about how Wallis, the artist, thinks and I truly appreciate her being so open with me on the program.

You can find out more about Wallis on her website:

The London Ear Feb 5 2022 Playlist

Here’s what was on the menu on this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. yunè pinku: Affection
2. Wynona Bleach: Moonsoake
3. A Ritual Sea: Desire Lines
4. Wallis Bird: Salve!
5. Interview with Wallis Bird Part 1
6. Wallis Bird: Pretty Lies
7. Interview with Wallis Bird Part 2
8. Wallis Bird: What’s Wrong With Changing?
9. Tara Nome Doyle: Caterpillar
10. First Class and Coach: My Oh My
11. Jane Willow: Burn So Bright
12. Soak: Last July

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On next week’s show, I will be chatting to Daniel Cosgrove and Luke Lau, founders of, a new music streaming service which favours the artist! Also, I will have some massive news for you on next week’s show also!