The London Ear 362 // Interview with Maria Kelly

Maria Kelly sitting sideways on the floor bathed in light from a window

The London Ear 362 // Interview with Maria Kelly

It was an absolute pleasure to have Maria Kelly on The London Ear today to chat about her new album ‘The Sum of the In-between’. The album is genuinely beautiful. It’s subtle, vulnerable, personal but relatable. Quite frankly, as I said in my intro to the interview with Maria, it is a gem!

I really enjoyed my chat with Maria, it was the first time we’ve spoken, and thanks to Maria for being so open and honest. Maria has created something beautiful with her album and I highly encourage you all to check it out.

You can find out more about Maria Kelly on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Insta. You can stream ‘The Sum of the In-Between’ on Spotify and go to Bandcamp to purchase the album.

The London Ear Playlist Nov 6 2021

Here’s what was on the playlist on today’s episode of The London Ear.
1. Denise Chaila: Energy
2. Lyra: Lose My Mind
3. Roe Feat Ciaran Lavery: Destroyer
4. Bayonets: Cheap Cravat
5. Sinead O’Brien: Girlkind
6. Interview with Maria Kelly Part 1
7. Maria Kelly: Like I Used To
8. Interview with Maria Kelly Part 2
9. Maria Kelly: The Sum of the In-between
10. Dan B. Patrick: Embers
11. HamsandwicH: Electro~Wave
12. Big Daisy: Without Dreams
13. Future West: Late Last Nite

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On next week’s programme, my guest is Gerry Maguire from Irish Film Festival London.