The London Ear 361 // Interview with Ger Eaton

Ger Eaton promo shot photo by Jude Eaton
© Photo by Jude Eaton

The London Ear // Interview with Ger Eaton

Happy Halloween! On this week’s episode of The London Ear, it’s time to check in with Ger Eaton to chat about his spookily good new EP. Released on Dimple Discs, ‘Three by Ger Eaton’ is exactly that. But, what the title doesn’t tell you is how good these three tracks are. Lush, in some ways reminiscent of Scott Walker. For me, the strings on ‘Hollow’ bring me straight back to when I can first remember hearing Bobby Goldboro’s ‘Honey’.

Ger’s music is a gift and this is a unique-sounding release in 2021. One that is just perfect for long dark evenings we’re heading into. I can imagine myself sticking on an album of Ger’s, a hot chocolate, getting hygge with it, and losing myself in the production. Yes, it’s that good.

I was delighted to catch up with Ger to chat about his musical background, collaborations, being signed to Dimple Discs, and about how your songwriting changes as you get older, you’ve lived, you got more responsibilities.

I really enjoyed the chat with Ger and I thoroughly recommend that you check out his music. You can find out more about Ger on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and don’t forget to check out Bandcamp.

The London Ear Playlist Oct 30 2021

Here’s what was on the playlist on today’s episode of The London Ear.

1. HamsandwicH: Electro Wave
2. CMAT: No More Virgos
3. The Pale: Dogs With No Tales
4. Interview with Ger Eaton 5. Ger Eaton Hollow
6. Interview with Ger Eaton
7. Ger Eaton: The Time It Takes To Fall
8. Duncan Maitland: Terry The Toad
9. Col Patterson: Heart Listens Out
10. New Pagans: Find Fault With Me
11. Melts: Maelstrom

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