The London Ear 358 // Interview with Meljoann

Meljoann is smiling and looking at the camera with one hand at their chin.

The London Ear // Interview with Meljoann

I finally got the opportunity to chat to Meljoann about their album, ‘H.R.’. The album was released about six weeks ago and I love it. Originally from Ireland, Meljoann now lives in Brighton and to be honest, I’m a big fan.

Meljoann has produced an album that deserves wider recognition. The songwriting is top class and the musicianship production values on ‘H.R.’ are honey for the ears.

I first heard of Meljoann’s music in the run-up to the release of their album ‘Squick’. Previous lifetime stuff here, I was still living in Dublin and made promo CDs for bands. This was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect and find out what life is like for an Irish artist living in Brighton, which, I might add, is one of my favourite places.

Meljoann Recommends:

During our chat, Meljoann spoke about the experimental music scene in Brighton and mentioned Geoff from Spirit of Gravity. Make sure to sign up to their newsletter on their website for events in Brighton.

Meljoann also spoke about her collaborator Regan O’Brien. Do check out Regan’s work and the video below.

Find out more about Meljoann

If you would find out more about Meljoann and their music check out their website: You can also head to Twitter, Insta and TikTok.

You can listen to and purchase Meljoann’s album “H.R.’ on Bandcamp.

The London Ear // Playlist October 1 2021

Here’s what was on the playlist for this week’s episode of The London Ear.

1. David Holmes feat Raven: Hope is The Last Thing to Die
2. Tolü Makay: Behavin like a Lil B
3. Meljoann: Trophy Wife
4. Interview with Meljoann Part 1
5. Meljoann: Business Card
6. Interview with Meljoann Part 2
7. Meljoann: Consumer
8. Meljoann: O Supervisor
9. Carrie Baxter: You
10. Gemma Dunleavy: Up De Flats (Sharda Remix)

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Check out Meljoann’s session for Dan Hegarty on 2FM

As I was going through everything for the show, I found this Live session that Meljoann did for Dan Hegarty’s show on 2FM. This is just brilliant, Meljoann is the pop star for our times. Immense stuff.